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I havent been around here since long time ago. Well as far I remember I was telling you guys what I'd been doing and what I will do

So far I had an awesome wknd! I partied with my old friends and I wish I could do it once again BUT not everything is that awesome after all that fun I got sick so Im dying literaly and I guess I'll be better in a few days if not I'll drug myself with houndres of pills, for sure.....

Once I said I'll NEVER EVER fall in love again because my lovely background of love is not as good as a wish.... but since a few weeks ago I'd met someone who's really fun and I enjoy spending time talking with... but as always not everything is "pink"... unfourtinetly we live in different countries and tht sucks but the good part of the story is the country where that person lives is next to mine so, idk Im just gonna let things happends and we will see.....

Lots of love.
If someone cares.


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